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Frequently asked question tenosynovitis de Quervain:

Is there a situation, where a higher risk of getting a tenosynovitis de  Quervain (tenosynovialitis an the forearm)?

Yes! For a yound mother, which needs to lift her baby. This corresponds to an unusual activity, to which a lot of young mothers are not adjusted.

The same way, a manual activiy for which no adjustment happened and which is performed with a high movement frequency, can lead to a de Quervain disease.

Which medical specialist should perform the surgery of a de Quervain disease?

The surgery of a tenosynovialitis and the wrist is basically performed by  hand surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons.

I advise every affected person to inquire in advance to the surgery if the surgeon has extensive personal experience with hand surgery.

What to do if pain at the surgical area remains month after the surgery?

In such a case, the analysis of the cause of the pain needs to be performed by a physician who is very experienced with hand surgery (hand surgeons). Some pain causes can be removed by a second surgery. (e.g. if the tendon compartement has not been split in full or if a sub compartement is existent for a extensor tendon within the main canal)

 What could be done if the radial nerve has been damaged during the first surgery?

This is a very complex situation. It can be – especially in the early stage – useful to reconstruct the damaged nerve .

If a neurophatic pain remains, the use of a TENs-unit can be useful in addition to the early applied medicinal pain therapy.

With this method, stimulation current is led through the nerve path. Aim of this therapy is, to affect the damaged nerves in a ways, that the feeling of pain to the brain is reduced.

The illustration shows the use of such a TENs-unit with the injury of the radial nerve after a surgery at the first Extensor tendon section.